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Connections per week

Every Sunday, πŸ—“ believr will introduce you to new people to connect with via our values-based matcher. spectrum users will receive up to 40 new people per week πŸ‘€ to connect with while our other users will receive up to 20.

Community space direct messages

Hitting it off with someone in the community space? πŸ‘©β€οΈπŸ‘© Continue the conversation one-on-one. spectrum users will have the ability to both review someone's profile from the Community Space and direct message them.

Exclusive content and deals

Receive insider promotions and discounts from your favorite authors, artists, and organizations. πŸ’Έ Our spectrum users get early access to new features and curated content.

Location-based matching

Love thy neighbor. Get matched with awesome people who live close to you and meet up for coffee or tea. β˜•οΈ

Account verification

We verify every user, βœ… ensuring they are not a robot. πŸ€– However, spectrum users receive an additional verification, confirming they are who they say they are. This is signified by the pink checkmark on profiles.

Supporting believr’s mission

Your continued support fuels development and the future of believr. Thank you, spectrum users, for believing in our mission and vision. We couldn't do this without you. πŸ™


Express yourself! πŸ–Ό If a picture is worth a thousands words then a GIF (pronounced with a hard "G"; no peanut butter here πŸ₯œ) is worth at least ten thousand. With spectrum, you'll get access to GIFs within your direct messages and the Community Spaces.