Worthy of love.

We believe everyone has inherent value and is worthy of connection, regardless of who they love and what their faith is.
love is love love is love love is love.
Our Vision
To advocate for the LGBTQ+ Christian community by celebrating their story.

Our mission

To create the most trusted and well-known platform for LGBTQ+ Christians to find belonging, connection, and love.

Our story.

believr began long before it had a name, before Adam and Brandon dreamt it. The heartache of the LGBTQ+ Christian community has been accumulating for generations. We have felt placeless — being too gay for the Christian spaces and too Christian for the LGBTQ+ spaces. After coming out, that heartache became real when Adam was removed from a fundamentalist church and when Brandon returned from an evangelical missions program without a spiritual home.

It was in that space that Adam and Brandon resolved to build believr, dreaming of what it would be like to create a space where LGBTQ+ Christians could find belonging, connection, and love. In that place of pain, hope was born — believr was born.

Our team.

In the formation of believr, we have been honored to have passionate and talented humans join us on this mission.
Adam Evers
CEO & Co-Founder
Brandon Flanery
Co-Founder & Content Lead
Pascal Tremblay
Creative Lead
Evan Doyle
PR Lead
David G. Castillon-Mendoza
Outreach Lead
Joshane Sablay
Community Outreach Intern
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Our core values
We believe in love; we are people of faith; and we trust that what we are doing has purpose — we believe that every person is worthy of love; we believe that God loves every person, regardless of how they identify; and we believe that what we are doing will create positive change within ourselves, the community, and the world.
We are about cultivating connection — connection with a partner, connection with friends, with family. Regardless of what you’re looking for, we’ll guide you towards meaningful relationships.
We celebrate you without shame, understanding that each of us has something unique to contribute to this world and that our differences are to be valued.
be true.
We will be true in what we communicate and how we represent ourselves while honoring the other. We aim to reveal both the beautiful and the ugly, the divine and the human, so that grace may abound.
We are fighting for something that has not existed up until this moment — a place where identities that have been at war with each other can finally find peace, a place we can finally call home. Though we stand on the shoulders of giants, those who have fought for the community, there is still work to be done.


believr has worked with some incredible humans along the way.
We're incredibly thankful for their contributions.
We wouldn't be where we are today without them.
Erika Harano
UX Strategist
Megan Strong
Graphic Designer
Backend Developer
Dee Dee McCroskey
Frontend Developer